Alfa Laval Weighing Instruments

Ideal for mixing, dosing, level regulation or batch tasks, the Weighing systems UltraPure offers enhanced control, increased reliability and greater precision for non-impact measurement of tank contents in sanitary and biopharm processes.

Alfa Laval Temperature Intruments

Alfa Laval Pressure Instruments

Pressure transmitters provide accurate, reliable indication of pressure. These pressure measurement devices are suitable for use in filtration and pump systems, pressure vessels, valve matrices and other hygienic and pharmaceutical process equipment.

Alfa Laval Level Instruments

The Alfa Laval Potentiometric level transmitter is designed specifically for small tanks containing highly viscous and pasty products, such as ketchup, honey and toothpaste.

Alfa Laval Flow Instruments

Alfa Laval flow transmitters are electromagnetic precision meters used to measure the volumetric flow rate of electrically conductive liquids. Hygienically designed, these are excellent choices for use in the dairy, food and biopharm industries.

Alfa Laval Analytical Instruments

Ideal for use in the brewery, food and beverage, and biopharm industries, Conductivity sensors provide accurate and reliable measurement of a process liquid’s ability to carry electrical currents.