OEM & Special Duty

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) are very important for Flowserve FSD. Therefore Flowserve is committed to develop and supply designs for special equipment and for special duty requirements.


Centrifugal compressors and other turbomachinery are critical to the operation of a process plant. Selecting a manufacturer with well proven state-of-the-art low friction dry gas seals who can offer full field maintenance support is very important.


In chemical, pharmaceutical, food and oil refinery process plants diverse systems are employed for agitating, blending and mixing products. The units require low maintenance operation and safety, both to protect the environment and the workplace.

Lift-off & Dry Running

Gas seal technology and gas seal operation depends on aerostatic and aerodynamic forces. Careful design keeps the two faces separated by a gas film. Aerodynamic forces are created by the presence of a 'pattern' on one of the faces


Flowserve has developed a complete range of sealing products for all types of slurries. They are engineered to perform and built to last.


The bellows design overcomes many of the problems associated with pusher designs. The absence of a dynamic gasket eliminates the possibility of "hand-up", caused by build-up of deposits or gasket swell.


Pusher seals incorporate secondary seals, called the dynamic gasket, that are pushed by springs axially along the shaft or sleeve to compensate for seal face wear or wobble due to misalignment.

Standard Cartridge

ISC2 standard cartridge seals are designed for general purpose applications on ANSI, ISO, JIS and API 682 process pumps serving chemical processing, petrochemical, biofuel, corn processing, pulp and paper, oil and refining, power, water and wastewater, mining and other industries.