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All our plants are of modular design. The basic module is the vacuum pump complete with driver, service liquid cooler and liquid separator. Depending on the volumetric flow rates […]

SIHI Gas Ejectors

Sterling SIHI gas ejectors are used wherever the vacuum attainable by a liquid ring vacuum pump is not sufficient and where the danger of running in cavitation is imminent […]

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    SIHI Dry Vacuum Pumps (for Chemical & Industrial Applications)

SIHI Dry Vacuum Pumps (for Chemical & Industrial Applications)

To meet the demands of the process industry, Sterling SIHI offers completely dry running vacuum pumps. Dry running vacuum pumps are used increasingly throughout industry where there is a […]

SIHI Liquid Ring Compressors (Single-Stage & Multi Stage)

SIHI Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps (in Compact deisgn)

For over 80 years Sterling SIHI has maintained its position as a leading supplier of liquid ring vacuum pumps to a wide range of process and related markets. Close […]

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