If you have such applications, take only the best.

PVDF drum pumps take no fright at any application and environment.

Drum pumps PVDF

For high aggressive liquids the right drum pumps

acid, concentrated
bases, […]

PP Drum

The most popular model for the most applications in drums and containers and technical objects…

PP drum pumps are the basis for acids and bases.

Drum pumps PP

For aggressive liquids the […]

Stainless Steel Drum

If you handle inflammable liquids Ex-proof pumps and Ex-proof motors guarantee best safety…

For inflammable and weak aggressive liquids the right drum pumps.

Drum pumps stainless steel

suitable for these applications:

solvents, inflammable


acids, […]

Alu Drum

Aluminium has a wide range of applications:

from vinegrowing to petroleum industry.

Drum pumps Alu

For neutral liquids in all industries the right drum pumps (sealless)

diesel oil

biomass fuel
mineral oil
fluids of medium viscosity

For […]

High Viscosity Drum

Grün High Viscosity Pumps go along with you through thick and thin

High viscosity pumps in operation with paint, glue and in hazardous locations.
Special thread for easy handling and perfect […]

Easy Handling Drum

NEW – faster – cheaper – hassle-free!
discharge tube with nozzle
general: non inflammable liquids, acids and basis low concentrated, fluids of medium
viscosity (colours, emulsions, dispersions, suspensions, oils)
extra liquids:
inflammable liquids when […]