The Flowserve GR series, double-helical, herringbone type gear pumps have long been a workhorse of the general industry. Designed to handle viscous fluids, these rugged pumps provide high efficiency, […]

United Centrifugal

The Flowserve HWX pump is a vertical, in-line design, fully compliant with API 610 (OH3), latest edition. This pump offers a space-saving alternative for many overhung process pumps in […]


Dual Casing provides access to elastomeric or hard metal liners for inspection or replacement.  Machined mating faces provide proper liner compressions.

Elastomeric and Hard Metal Liners are fully interchangeable, allowing […]

Lawrence Pumps

With its rugged ISO 13709/API 610 compliant construction and protected sleeve bearings, the VPL3600 vertical slurry pump is specifically designed for the tough slurry applications found in decoking units.

Numerous […]


Radially Split Pressure Casings are positively located by interstage rabbet fits, ensuring overall pump concentricity and rotor alignment. Non-shear, compression-type O-rings positively seal channel rings.

Precision-cast Diffusers create symmetrical passageways […]


The result of years of research, thousands of hours of rigorous testing and decades of primary pump application experience, the Flowserve N-Seal primary pump seal represents the nuclear industry’s […]


The PolyChem VGRP pump is a fiberglass, vertical immersion, open impeller type pump designed for corrosive wet pit applications in waste handling and chemical transfer. The PolyChem VGRP is […]