SIHI Side Channel Pumps (in Inline design)

SIHI Side Channel Pumps (in Compact design)

Alfa Laval i-CP2000 Centrifugal Pump

SIHI Hygienic Liquid Pumps

ABS offers SIHI’s hygienic centrifugal pumps that are used within the food and beverage industry such as breweries and dairies. Applications areas for these pumps include brewing, dairying, filtration, […]


Solutions for LPG/ LNG Production and Distribution.

1. Side Channel Pumps

2. Multistage Pumps

SIHI Side Channel Pumps (in Bare Shaft design)

Side Channel pumps are used for problem-free pumping of clean liquids at unfavorable suction side conditions.


SIHI High Pressure Pumps

Pumps of the SIHImulti range meet the specific requirements of many applications, such as waterworks and water supply, boiler feed, pressure boosting..

Sealless Liquid Pumps

A large number of pumping processes, especially in the chemical industry, require pump sealing systems adapted to the particular application..

SIHI Heat Transfer Pumps (for Hot Water)

The pumping of hot water makes high demands on the pump design. Safe operation is influenced, to a high degree, by the mechanical seal. Therefore the parameters of pressure, […]

Chemical Process & Industrial Pumps

Application areas for pumps in this range include automobile, mechanical and general engineering industries, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, paint industry, plastic and rubber industry…